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Application Instructions

After careful review of our funding priorities and you believe that your organization is a strong candidate for financial support, we ask that you submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) via our online process. 


To begin, click here and select the “Create new account” option on the log in page. As a new user, enter your email address and a password. PLEASE NOTE: the email address and password you choose is for your organization and not you as an individual. The email and password will enable you and other staff members to save and return to an application and it will be used to complete the grant report form if a grant is awarded. In addition, every application and report that your organization submits, from this point on, will be accessible by using this email address and password. If you outsource your grant writing, set up your sign-in and provide the grant writer with access to your account. The contract grant writer should never use your organizations sign-in account for other organizations' applications. The same email address cannot be used for more than one organization.  You will be prompted to enter your organization's taxpayer identification number. The Tax ID will be checked against the IRS database. If you are working with a fiscal sponsor, please contact our office before proceeding. 


If you previously created an account, and you are ready to submit another LOI, click here. At the "Log On", select returning online applicant and enter the email address and password that you originally created. If this new request is eligible, your organization name, address and other information will automatically be entered into the new application. Complete and submit the online application. When you click submit you will receive an email confirmation that we have received your application. PLEASE NOTE: Do not mail a duplicate hard copy of the application or any uploaded attachments.


The Board of Trustees meets 2 times a year to consider applications and award grants. In order to allow ample time for the Trustees to review each request thoroughly, the following schedule has been adopted:

Summer/Fall 2017 Grant Cycle

August 15 - LOI due 

October 2 - Notification of LOI acceptance / grant application invitation

November 7 - Application due 

December 1 - Notification of Awards 

Winter/Spring 2018 Grant Cycle

Early February - LOI due

Mid- March - Notification of LOI acceptance / grant application invitation

Mid-April - Application due

By May 31 - Notification of awards


The staff of The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation are available to discuss application procedures. As part of the review process, they often make site visits to requesting organizations. They also reserve the right to contact other funders and professionals in the field regarding the grant applicants under review.

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